Hadjidraganov's Houses Restaurant Offers Bulgarian national cuisine on fire, on a hot plate and in an oven. Live folklore music - in the center of Sofia For reservation:+359 899917837

Catering menu

Catering menu Hadjidraganovite kashti

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Restaurant hadjidraganovite KASHTI

sofia, 75, KOZLODUY street

We take orders on 0899 917 837  from 11:00 to 21:30 every day
The time for delivery is 40 to 60 minutes according the region, as in some cases the delivery could take more time.

Takeaway from the restaurant - 10% discount!

There is minimal order according the region.

After taking the order you will receive a phone call with the amount to pay.
Please be prepared with the exact amount or tell us the the sum you can arrange in order to for us to prepare the rest. We are trying to minimize the contact. The money we give as a rest are treated with disinfectant.